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  • AvaReevesName
  • 35Age
  • femaleSex
  • enLanguages
  • caucasianEthnicity
  • bisexualSexual Preference
  • athleticBuild
  • longHair Length
  • blondHair Color
  • brownEye Color
  • bigBreast Size

Meet AvaReeves, a one-of-a-kind beauty from an unknown locale. At 35, she exudes a level of elegance and confidence that not many can emulate. Her athletic physique, undulating blond tresses, and intriguing brown eyes convey an image of a free-spirited and strong-willed woman.

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AvaReeves's online minutes by hour

A being of mystery, Ava hails from an undisclosed location, which only adds more allure to her persona. This enigmatic damsel is highly aware of her unique charm and carries it with poise. Radiating an aura of intriguing femininity, she lets her anticipation and curiosity steer her ship to greater heights and wider horizons. Ava's stunning athletic figure is a testament to her arduous workout regimen and disciplined lifestyle. Every curve of her body reflects her dedication and resilience.

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AvaReeves's last month daily activity

Her glossy, sun-kissed blond hair cascades down her back, framing her prominently expressive brown eyes wonderfully. Her gaze is a rich, warm blend of chocolate and caramel, harboring an untold depth that reflects wisdom, intrigue, and a dash of mystic allure. Her eyes are indeed the windows to her soul, reflecting the strength, endurance, and compassion of a woman who has tasted the beautiful chaos that life throws at everyone, yet managed to remain untethered and unsullied.

Ava's communication skills are exemplary. She is well-versed in English, allowing her to communicate her thoughts, ideas, and experiences efficiently to her friends, admirers, and everyone she comes across in her pursuits.

AvaReeves's summary for the last month

However, what sets AvaReeves apart is not just her mesmerizing beauty and language abilities but her strong commitment, patience, and exuberant sociability. Last month, she spent an impressive amount of time interacting with her circle-online, investing an average of 7 hours 41 minutes and 25 seconds every day. She gives the utmost precedence to networking, spending a whopping total of 1 day, 21 hours, and 34 minutes last month online. This speaks volumes about her dedication, steadfastness, and commitment to maintaining and building robust relationships.

  • Total sessions:711
  • Private sessions:319
  • Free chat sessions:392
  • Days online:30
  • Average daily time:5h 50mins
  • Longest free chat session:2h 57mins
  • Average free chat time:27mins
  • Total free chat time:7d 6h 58mins
  • Longest private chat session:1h 35mins
  • Average private chat time:10mins
  • Total private chat time:2d 0h 34mins

AvaReeves's summary for the last 3 months

In those hours, Ava has conducted an impressive tally of 70 sessions. Her consistent virtual presence has contributed immensely to fortifying her network and widening her horizons. Ever the interaction enthusiast, Ava was online on an impressive 27 different days last month. Her knack for bridging gaps and her unwavering commitment to keep communication lines open has ensured that not a day went by without her spreading her radiance in the virtual space.

  • calendarDecember starTotal time: 10d 12h 30mins starTotal Free Chat time: 7d 20h 37mins starTotal Private Chat time: 2d 15h 53mins
  • calendarJanuary starTotal time: 9d 7h 32mins starTotal Free Chat time: 7d 6h 58mins starTotal Private Chat time: 2d 0h 34mins
  • calendarFebruary starTotal time: 8d 7h 25mins starTotal Free Chat time: 6d 22h 47mins starTotal Private Chat time: 1d 8h 38mins

Interestingly, Ava’s virtual presence peaked on Thursdays. The reasons certainly varied but the intentions remained singular – to reach out, associate, and connect. She juggled many roles during these interactions - from playing the empathetic friend to the conscious advisor, sharing bouts of laughter, shedding sympathetic tears, inculcating positivity, and encouraging healthy living and lifestyles.

AvaReeves’ strength lies not only in her splendid appearance but also in her deeply rich and persevering character. She’s proven to be an influential figure, leaving a lasting impact on all those who cross paths with her. Her daily activities and engagements with people are proof of her dedication and the energy she allocates to making a difference. A symbol of grace and strength, AvaReeves is proving that she's not just a pretty face but a force to be reckoned with. Her beauty, grace, and resilience are truly inspirational, creating new paradigms in the world of modelling and beyond.