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CandeeLords Profile Image
  • CandeeLordsName
  • 29Age
  • femaleSex
  • en, esLanguages
  • caucasianEthnicity
  • bisexualSexual Preference
  • averageBuild
  • longHair Length
  • blondHair Color
  • grayEye Color
  • hugeBreast Size

CandeeLords, a striking model who has captivated the online world with her innate charm and profound elegance, is a woman beyond description. Originally hailing from an unspecified location, a piece of information she affectionately denotes as "N/A," she thrives in the environment of mystery she has subtly enshrouded herself within. Currently 29 years old, CandeeLords has cultivated a signature look that accentuates her unique beauty while imprinting a lasting image in the minds of her followers.

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CandeeLords's online minutes by hour

Her physique is that of the contemporary woman: an average body type, devoid of any exaggerated curves yet maintaining its inherent allure. Poised with a divine symmetry, her presence is an embodiment of opulence. Candid and unpretentious, CandeeLords owns this ordinary beauty and morphs it into an extraordinary spectacle. Her signature style fuses a level of sophistication with simplicity, an immense appeal to her ever-increasing fan base.

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CandeeLords's last month daily activity

Her long, blond hair, like cascading golden rays on a summer day, falls elegantly around her shoulders, framing her captivating face. Each strand conveys an array of stories, making her an epitome of mystery and desire. The blond hues reflect her free-spirited nature; they capture the light, mirroring the radiant energy she emanates.

Her gray eyes are among her most captivating features. Carrying an unusual intensity, they are remnants of an older world—ancient and wise. A flicker of long lives lived and hearts touched; they are the epitome of wisdom and knowledge, seasoned with just a touch of enigma. The depth of her gray eyes tucks away the secrets of a bygone era, inviting people to explore the labyrinth of her soul, unearthing the gemstones of her outstanding character.

CandeeLords's summary for the last month

CandeeLords is also multilingual, eloquently expressing herself in both English and Spanish. Her fluency in languages not only marks her as a versatile model but also helps build deeper and mature connections with a wider audience.

  • Total sessions:958
  • Private sessions:438
  • Free chat sessions:520
  • Days online:25
  • Average daily time:6h 26mins
  • Longest free chat session:1h 57mins
  • Average free chat time:19mins
  • Total free chat time:6d 16h 48mins
  • Longest private chat session:2h 14mins
  • Average private chat time:8mins
  • Total private chat time:2d 4h 12mins

CandeeLords's summary for the last 3 months

Her dedication manifests in her last month's daily activity data. With a whopping total of 1 day, 9 hours, and 17 minutes spent online, she showed an impressive commitment to her craft and her followers. CandeeLords' devotion to her online community was highlighted in her daily activity duration that averaged 6 hours, 44 minutes, and 34 seconds last month. A model who respects and values her profession.

  • calendarDecember starTotal time: 7d 1h 31mins starTotal Free Chat time: 5d 17h 42mins starTotal Private Chat time: 1d 7h 49mins
  • calendarJanuary starTotal time: 8d 21h 0mins starTotal Free Chat time: 6d 16h 48mins starTotal Private Chat time: 2d 4h 12mins
  • calendarFebruary starTotal time: 6d 17h 1mins starTotal Free Chat time: 4d 13h 21mins starTotal Private Chat time: 2d 3h 40mins

There were a total of 128 sessions, with the highest frequency of her online presence noted to be on Thursdays. This encourages a subtle trend of anticipation, her followers eagerly await for the week to unfold into Thursday, knowing they will be greeted with her dynamic presence. The span of 26 different days last month saw the captivating charm of CandeeLords, solidifying her as a dedicated force in the modeling world.

Balancing grace with grit, CandeeLords has marked an indelible print in the hearts of her followers, reinforcing the firm belief that simplicity can be both timeless and powerful. Her charm lies not just in her mesmerizing beauty but also in her dedication, demonstrated in the hours dedicated to her online modeling career. Her mysterious origins, resonant username, and multilingual skills further enhance her appeal, making CandeeLords a figure that's irresistibly enchanting.